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On skis, on the bike, on the hike – all year round.


Starting from Innsbruck, our guides bring you to the best snow, the finest trails and the most magnificent paths.



Stefan kennt sich sicherheitstechnisch super aus, man merkt die Leute von Guide and Ride haben ihre Hausaufgaben gemacht.

Kuh Elsa

Ich hab eine Gruppe von Guide and Ride beim Radeln beobachtet, gute Stimmung war da! Mir war das trotzdem eher wurscht.

From carving the first tracks in deep snow to cruising lonely mountain bike trails and hiking with endless scenic views – we have the experience and know-how to deliver you the ultimate alpine package. 


Looking for your next adventure trip? We'll make it happen, no matter if you prefer to relax and leave everything to us, or if you wish to take your skills and technique to the next level  our guides will provide an unforgettable experience while taking care of risk management and safety.


From rookie to pro, from carving to freeride, from transalp to bike camp or multi-day trekking trip, you know your goal or destination and we know how to get you there.


We look forward to creating the perfect adventure for you!