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Ski Touring

Innsbruck offers endless opportunities for backcountry skiing. We show you the hotspots of the entire region, including lonely mountain ranges in the north with rarely frequented slopes, as well as alpine tours to glaciated mountains in the South. The Ski touring program is right for you if you’ve already mastered the necessary techniques and bring solid stamina for ascents as long and demanding as the descents. 

Ski Touring Basics

In the rookie courses we give you personalized technique training and help you to understand the fundamentals of planning, safety and route finding. It’s the ideal starting point if you already feel safe in easy terrain but want to increase your radius to untouched areas. You will complete the course with a certificate that proves you have the capability to go on a tour on your own.

Before starting

In order to make sure you have the best possible experience, it is important that you provide us with an estimate of your abilities / technical level.

You can find a PDF download to help you with selecting the appropriate course. 

Please also note the packing list in the course description. 

In case a booked course is compromised due to the lack of abilities or equipment of the client, we reserve the right to retain payment. We are available via mail and phone for the clarification of any details in advance.


Depending on weather and conditions, we decide which programs are possible for a given day. Safety comes first! Rest assured, our local knowledge and years of experience allow us to turn any condition into an incredible day.

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