Lago d'Idro by bike

Like every summer also this year, we organize our bike camp in Northern Italy at the picturesque Lake Idro, framed by an impressive fjord-like landscape. Situated in the neighbouring valley to Lake Garda, it is an undiscovered gem, with superb trail quality and nature but without the crowds!


In the province of Brescia, little known Idro is nowhere near as overcrowded as its neighbour, and still retains its authentic charm, which is what makes it one of Europe’s best biking destinations. Join us on tours through secret spots and discover the adventure that awaits you in this hidden Italian treasure.


By shuttling to our departure point, we can start off our ride at higher elevations so you can experience climbs to breathtaking views, and trails that lead back down to the brilliant blue of the water. If desired, accommodation can be reserved. All tours are bookable on a daily basis.